We am typically booked 1-2 weeks out and get advance bookings of 3-4 months  –  although we do leave flex time in our schedule for newborns  (since those are more difficult to plan in advance), please make sure to contact us to check availability!


  1. Retainer Fee (Deposits) are due to hold your booking and are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE.
  2. BABYLIKEART will not be held responsible for slots not available if the said Retainer Fee (Deposits) amount was not made prior to the session.
  3. Session fees cover time and talent of the photographer only. Images and products are sold separately. Packages are inclusive of session fees.
  4. You will let us know (anytime from the day you have booked us or nearer to your EDD) if you will prefer a home session or a studio session.
  5. There are no restrictions for use of props at the studio, you will be spoilt for choices!
  6. For home session, as there is a limited number of props allowed in the car’s capacity, we will have a pre-consultation over the phone so that I know what you’d like. If you have seen any pictures from my portfolio, you may highlight to us. BABYLIKEART is not responsible for unavailable of props if not mentioned prior to the session.
  7. The froggy pose is our specialty and this is why many have chosen us to be their newborn photographers. It is recommended to be done early between 5-10 days after birth.



  1. If you or your children are sick, BABYLIKEART reserved the rights to postpone or cancel the session. Sick babies and parents are not allowed in the studio, due to the work we do with newborns and children it is very important that we keep a strict no sick policy.
  2. Only cell phone cameras are permitted during sessions, in studio or on location. However, BABYLIKEART will not be responsible if the other camera obstructs the photographer and resulting us in missing shots (i.e. Baby smiling). DSLR and compact cameras are strictly forbidden.
  3. Full package payment and full session fee (if you took the session fee only) is due at the end of the session.
  4. Photos will be reviewed at the end of the session prior to payment. You will let us know if there is any particular poses/setup you would like to retake. Any retakes after the session day will be chargeable at $150 per hour.
  5. You are allowed to change from package to à la carte, and this decision has to be final on the day of the session.
  6. BABYLIKEART will not release any photo proofs in digital or prints until full payment is received.
  7. For all orders, payment is due in full at the time of order.
  8. For “session fee only”, there is a minimum additional order of at least $500 in prints and/or digitals, summing it all up to $650.



  2. What if my baby is NOT COOPERATIVE on the session day? Babies have minds of their own. If they happen to be cranky, we’ll try something for a while, and if it’s not working out we’ll move on to something else.
  3. Depending on the condition of the baby, it is determined by the photographers if the session needs to be rescheduled within the first 45mins of the session. No additional charges will be imposed.
  4. If the baby is not in condition for photography, it shall be made known to the photographer 24hours before the session. No additional / cancellation charges will be imposed.
  5. We do experienced fussy babies. If we are not able to achieve the required amount of photographs where babies need more time in between for feed/change, the photographer can extend up to 1 more hour to the session at no charge (only if the total number of pose is less than 2). The longest photoshoot session we have even done is 4hrs but we will not jeopardize baby’s safety. Being too long in a photoshoot will stress the baby and cause harm.
  6. For babies not in condition for photography between 5-14 days of birth, we cannot guarantee the types of poses as much as we will like to capture. In this scenario, parents have the option to convert the session to a lifestyle photography session.
  7. If the photographer is required to stay, additional hours will be chargeable at $150 per hour.
  8. If the photographer have tried his/her upmost and unable to achieve the desire amount of pictures due to baby non-cooperativeness, clients have the options to downgrade the package to à la carte. The minimum order for prints and/or digital for à la carte is $500.



  1. An online private proof gallery is available 5-10 working days after your session.
  2. BABYLIKEART reserves the right to not release any proofing gallery if full payment has not been received.
  3. Clients are allowed to make 1 (one) revision change to editing requests (i.e remove dry skins, smooth edges)
  4. All images are naturally edited with mild blemish control and softening. Dark bags or black occurring eyes are lightened if needed. Natural occurring lines and facial expressions are not touched as that is you / your baby at the time of the photo. Extreme editing within photoshop (such as adding sunset, changing the background) is not something that will not be done. Images provided should be as natural as possible and once images are received, edits are complete. Charges will be incurred for subsequent and/or special editing requests. Composite images advised by the photographer are the only exclusion as they are the only way to really ensure the safety of the baby when doing poses like the ‘froggy’ . 
  5. 5-10 working days is required for our final editing, upon full payment. Low resolutions of your selections will be emailed to you and finalised before sending to the printing lab. BABYLIKEART PTE. LTD. reserves the right to not release any photos if full payment has not been received. *Full payment is due on the session day.
  6. 5-10 working days is required for subsequent editing request.
  7. Please DO NOT SAVE, DO NOT DOWNLOAD, DO NOT PRINT watermarked images from the web or our social media sites. Please note that it is not allowed to scan prints, right-click or screen shot images featured on the web site or the blog, sell or alter images received in CD or print format. When purchasing digital files, you will receive the resolutions printable to 8″ x 12″.
  8. All portrait orders, digital photo selections are final and CANNOT BE CHANGED or refunded for any reason.
  9. All portraits, books, albums, frames, etc are non refundable. Orders cannot be canceled due to the custom nature of the products.
  10. BABYLIKEART reserves the right to use images for display, publications or other purposes.
  11. We don’t advertise on cool magazine ads or tie-ins with other communities.  Chances are that you found out about us because you saw another friend who came to us or from portfolio on our website and social media. If you’d like your photos not to be showcased, you may purchase an optional copyright-license to own the full copyright of the images.
  12. Print and product prices are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of your session. Prices are subject to change at any time.
  13. The images from your session are available for a period of 9 months from the date of your order. After that time, only ordered images will be archived, all others will be purged or reserved for studio use.
  14. Due to the custom nature of the art produced, all sales are final. If there is found to be any defect in a print, the studio will re-print it at our discretion.
  15. Photos are collected from the studio unless stated otherwise.
  16. All print orders take approximately 4-6 weeks, canvases and other custom or boutique products may take longer. Turn around time may also be longer during studio closures and festive seasons.

BABYLIKEART reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

By placing an order with BABYLIKEART, you agree to all of the above.