Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we often received before a baby photography session. This section will provide you a much more in-depth and easy to read information of what to expect during your baby photography sessions.

However, please feel free to contact us if we have left any questions unanswered for you.

Baby Photography Guide – Frequently asked questions

WHEN should I book my newborn session when I’m not sure when baby will be born?
That’s easy… you will let us know your due date and we will make tentative plans around that time. We take in a limited number of sessions each month so that that each client receives our personal attention. We accept 16 pre-bookings in a month, and/or 4 in a week based on your EDD, and leaving some buffer for last min bookings. Booking early is recommended to avoid disappointment. Please contact us as soon as you know you would like to book a newborn session.

WHEN will my photo session take place?
Newborn babies are best photographed in the first 10 days of their lives, or within 14 days. This is done for many reasons. Newborn babies this young are more likely to “curl up” and remain sleepy. They are much more tolerant of being posed than a 3 or 4 week old. Almost all of the “sleepy newborn” shots you have seen here on the website were done with newborns 14 days old or younger. If your baby is older than 2 weeks, don’t worry, we can still do it – it may just take more effort on both ends and we will need to skip some of the “curl up” poses.

WHERE will my newborn session take place?
Newborn sessions held either at our Studio at LINK@AMK or at the comfort of your home.

WHAT are the advantages of having my newborn session at the studio?

  • delicate area for resting, changing & feeding the baby
  • more variety of props & styling selection
  • big area for simultaneous setups
  • more variety of shots as we save time on setting up/tearing down
  • equipped with better photography equipments

The Froggy Pose! 

This lovely pose requires both Lex & Angie together, or either one of them + an assistant, and it’s complimentary for studio session. For home session, you may hire a 2nd assistant with a topup fee of $100.

WHAT are the disadvantages of having my newborn session at the home?

  • limited variety of props due to the things I(we) can carry to your home
  • props have to be pre-selected or based on what I(we) have brought along
  • may have space constraint, not able to do simultaneous setups
  • unable to fully simulate a studio environment if we are constrained by space and/or light source
  • setting up/tearing down account for the session time, but we do that when baby is changing or feeding

BUT my house is a wreak!
Of course, your house should be a mess. You just had a baby after all! Just ensure that you have a space of preferably 3m x 2m. We can easily work around any pile of laundry, clutter, dishes or mess. We’ll probably rearrange some things, maybe move some furniture, but don’t worry because we’ll put it all back when we are done.

HOW LONG will my newborn session last?
Newborn sessions are anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. Additional hour is $200/hr unless the photographer explicitly provided otherwise. We will not rush a session, so if baby need more time for feeding and changing, we are happy to extend, within reasons.

My baby is already born / What if my baby is too old?  IS IT TOO LATE to schedule a newborn session?
No! While we generally schedule newborn sessions many months in advance and we sometimes have last-minute openings.  Do give us a call to check if our schedule permits. If baby has passed 14 days of birth, we are always happy to photograph older newborns with the understanding that it may not be possible to achieve the best results, however we will try our very best. Kindly take note that sessions will be prioritised for babies who have pre-booked with us. We regret to inform that we can only accept selective last-minute bookings where our schedule permits. If you have been placed in a queue or in our waiting list and not paying a retainer fee, it DOES NOT guarantee a session and we recommend that you find alternative options / backup plans if we are unable to slot you in.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT from my session?
Selection of props, headbands, hats, baskets will be done prior to the session. If this is causing you headache, leave the creativity to us! There will be a series of colours to choose from. For home session, we will assess and determine the best locations for photos. We will then look at the baby’s needs and dictate the flow of the session.

WHAT CAN I DO to help my session go smoothly?
The most important thing you can do is relax. Beyond that, I recommend that you try to keep your newborn awake for an hour prior to the session, and that you feed your baby just prior to my arrival.  If you are breast feeding, it is best to keep a bottle of expressed milk on hand for use during the session.  Pacifiers are also extremely helpful for allowing me to calm your baby during the session. We understand that many mothers are trying to avoid a pacifier during this critical time of learning to breast feed, however we may need to use it if absolutely necessary. We will only use it as a last resort to soothe a fussy baby. If you are adamantly against a pacifier or bottle, please let us know and we will accommodate your needs.

POO is alright!
We expect your baby to poop and pee all over our blankets and props. It happens! All props provided are home washed and tumbled dried, so don’t worry about it.

Do you include FAMILY photos with a newborn session?
Yes, unless you request otherwise, I always aim to capture images of newborns with their parents and siblings.

What should we WEAR?
Simple is best.  Dress baby in loose fitting clothes to avoid any lines on skin – A onesie that opens in the front is best, as this avoids us having to lift anything tight over baby’s head.  If you have special outfits you would like your newborn to wear, we are happy to accommodate. For the rest of the family who wished to join the photo shoot, clothing in plain colours and generally best to avoid busy patterns and logos.  We are happy to work with you to select clothing for your session, and will also accommodate clothing changes if you’d like a variety of looks.

HOW MANY pictures will I get back?
You may select up to 14-22 pictures from the session depending on the package you have taken. Safety is our top priority for the little ones who is just between 6-10 days old. It’s our belief to follow safe practices when posing fragile newborn babies and as such, we may take up to 30mins just to get them in the right pose for photography. We will spend a tremendous amount of time soothing the newborn to sleep, posing them safely in a prop and ensuring their comfort and safety before we press the shutter on our camera.

HOW MANY types of styling / theme can I pick?
For newborn photography, we tend to go for quality instead of quantity shots. To satisfy our clients with different needs, we categorized our artworks in 3 different unique series. Due to the limited time in a session, we encourage clients to pick 1 out of the 3. You may have a 2nd option (which is not guaranteed) if we have time and baby is cooperative. Although we feel inspired to capture as many creative images, which is great, but prolong shooting will incurred additional stress to newborns and cause harm.  Newborn safety should be everyone’s Number 1 priority.

#signature series

baby like art signature series newborn photography singaporePIN

BABY like art’s Signature Series – Newborn Photography Singapore

#vintage series

baby like art vintage series newborn photography singaporePIN

BABY like art’s Vintage Series – Newborn Photography Singapore

#creative series

baby like art creative series newborn photography singaporePIN

BABY like art’s Creative Series – Newborn Photography Singapore

You may have a 2nd option, however in the span of 2-3hrs we may only have time for 3 poses within/up to 2 themes change. Some of our vintage/creative style requires a lot of time to setup and therefore some clients agreed on getting lesser pictures. For example the hotair balloon requires 60-90 minutes if done at home.  Our most popular and easy for baby will be our signature series – posing baby on beanbags. Do note that it will be dependable on baby’s character and cooperativeness, some doesn’t like on their front, and some on their backs. Sometimes, we may recommend a new and unplanned pose at the day of the session. Whatever we do, we do at the comfort and pace of the baby, we do not rush.

For the creative series, BABY like art will not provide the requested props such as plush toys for a custom theme, unless we have them in our existing collection. Do check with us if we have the necessary items before getting them yourselves.

Additional Photos?
At the end of the session, the photographer will present the raw photos for your viewing. Additional photos (edited and retouched) can be obtained at set of 6 @ $300, or individual @ $60. Our detailed rate card is available here.

What if my baby is NOT COOPERATIVE on the session day?
Babies have minds of their own. If they happen to be cranky, we’ll try something for a while, and if it’s not working out we’ll move on to something else.  Depending on the condition of the baby, it is determined by the photographers if the session needs to be rescheduled within the first 45mins of the session. No additional charges will be imposed. Otherwise a top up of $80/$150 (weekdays/weekends) per visit is required.

– If the baby is not in condition for photography, it shall be made known to the photographer 24hours before the session. No additional / cancellation charges will be imposed.

– We do experienced fussy babies. If we are not able to achieve the required amount of photographs where babies need more time in between for feed/change, the photographer can extend 1 more hour to the session at no charge (only if the total number of pose is less than 2). The longest photoshoot session we have even done is 4hrs but we will not jeopardize baby’s safety. Being too long in a photoshoot will stress the baby and cause harm.

– If the baby is not in condition for photography between 6 to a maximum 18 days of birth, we cannot guarantee the types of poses as much as we will like to capture. In this scenario, parents have the option to convert the session to a lifestyle photography session.

– if the photographer is required to stay, additional hours will be chargeable at $200 per hour. Additional house call session will required a top up of $80/$150 (weekdays/weekends) per visit.

– if the photographer have tried his/her upmost and unable to achieve the desire amount of pictures due to baby condition, clients have the options to convert the package to an à la carte.

How is the selection process and when will we receive the photos?
– You will be allowed to view the RAW photos after the session from the photographer’s camera. The photos will then be mild edited and present to you from a private online gallery. Express edits for your baby shower’s artwork is complimentary and available within 1 week.


      • Newborn sessions can last up to 3 hours long and required time of the photographer to design, travel to and fro, and to set up creatively.
      • Talent of the photographer for posing the baby.
      • All used props, furs and blankets are home washed and tumbled dried, before they are kept in the cases to be used for the next baby.
      • We invested greatly in a variety of blankets and props to pose our newborn safely, and in the right photograph equipment for quality images from a newborn session.
      • Many hours are taken to edit and perfect the images to ensure your baby looks their very best: newborn babies often suffer with dry, flaky or jaundiced skin – much time and skill is needed to correct this.
      • In order to accommodate the unpredictable arrival of a newborn, the photographer needs to keep some flexibility in their diary, unlike a wedding photographer who may be able to cram many sessions in to a week.

I look forward to creating lasting memories for you and your family. BOOK a session now!